Innovative Start-Ups in India

These are the most Innovative Start-Ups in India.

Since this regularly updated list of the most innovative startups, technology, and digital media companies.

 This list is in no particular order. It is meant to showcase all the creative ingenuity and technological innovation happening in the local community.

Following are the best Innovative Start-Ups in India

  • Educational Start-Up:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is the most Innovative Start-Ups in India. Ankita Gaba belongs from Mumbai. Hense, she completed her graduation in Business Management from Wilson College, Mumbai.

Since she has completed her MBA in marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management in 2010.

Ankita Gaba co-founder of Social Samosa a Social Media mentoring session organizer for entrepreneur benefit in March 2013.

Since Mr. Rajiv Chajad and Mr. Venkat Iyer (co-founder and CMO) has started a practical learning.

Content providing company “Last Bench“, which is a educational start-up.

“Last Bench” started a formal education to develop soft skill in student for corporate jobs.

Now step by step this company is focusing on developing other courses in full digital format for online learning (e-Learning).

Also “Last Bench” is tie-up with American company for e-learning courses.

  • Travel Industry Innovative Start-Ups in India:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is really nice and most Innovative Start-Ups in India.

Mr. Ashish Fafadia is the CFO at Blume Venture Advisors.

Since he is a part of investment and core Blume team apart from fund management responsibilities.

He had worked as Principal at the Blume Venture Advisors. He also worked as Dy. General Manager from April 2012 – October 2012.

The travel industry is growing very rapidly.

The domestic travel plays an important role. Many innovative businesses come up in the Indian Travel market.

Since Audio Compass is one of them, which is a personal audio guide needed for a true traveler.

Blume Venture has identified 5 start ups in travel space for funding, including Audio Compass.

They talk to Mr. Ashish Fafadia to understand Business opportunities in this space.

  • E-commerce Industry Start-up and Biggest Merging:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is the Innovative Start-Ups in India.

Mr. Sachin Bansal is an Indian Software engineer and Internet entrepreneur known for co-founding India’s e-commerce platform Flipkart.

This is the best Innovative Start-Up in India. He has  funding for his new startup Cure Fit from a group of investors.

Who backed his maiden venture and have now stepped up to close one of the largest seed investment rounds in the Indian startup sector this year.


Since Biggest merger in Indian e-commerce industry, between Flipkart and Myntra.

They spoke to founders Mr Sachin Bansal and Mtukesh Bansal to understand insight their future plans. This is the most Innovative Start-Ups in India

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  • Educational Start-Up:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is the most Innovative Start-Ups in India. In this show we highlighted Education sector.

Catch successes story of English Edge which is a unique English learning program.

A product created with a vision to enhance English Language Learning through innovative use.

They also featured India College Search which is India’s first student centric education platform.


  • Entrepreneurship Development Start-up for Ruler Area:


Innovative Start-Ups in India


This is wonderful and Innovative Start-Ups in India. “Jagriti Yatra” is an initiative of Jagriti Sewa Sansthan.

It is a non-governmental organization which promotes entrepreneurship. This is the another most Innovative Start-Up in India.

Since the initiative was launched in 2008. In Hindi, Jagriti Yatra means a journey of awakening.

So as the name suggests it is a journey of social awakening.

Since now a days Entrepreneurship is developing in our Country for promotion of Entrepreneurship.

Since in ruler area “Jargriti Sevasantha” is arranging “Jagriti Yatra” from last six month.

  • Food Industry Start-Up:

Innovative Start-Ups in India


This is another most Innovative Start-Ups in India. Mr. Devendra Chawla has been Group President of food & FMCG at Future Group.

Mr. Devendra Chawla serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Future Consumer Limited. So he also served as an Executive of Future Ventures India Ltd.

FMCG homegrown brand market. Since in last few years tremendous growth seen in this sector.

Since lots of local brands are trying to establish them self at national level.

Hence, we covered Gujrath based Balaji Wafers as a successes story.

Since they also talk to Mr Devendra Chawala, CEO, PVT food, FMCG Brand, future Group, to understand growth prospects in this space.

  • Car And Auto Industry Start-Up:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is the most Innovative Start-Ups in India. Since Mr Kripal Jadeja, founder of Roger Motors.

Who believes that safety is not restricted only to luxury car owners. Since thus he introduce some life saving innovative car for consumers.

Hence, we also focus on marketing which can be easily avoidable.

  • Food Industry Start-Up Special For Travel:

Innovative Start-Ups in India

This is one more Innovative Start-Ups in India. Since Food panda India was co-founded by Mr. Rohit Chadda, Mr. Amit Kohli and Mr. Akhilesh Bali in 2012.

Therefore, they currently has around 12,000 restaurant partners in over 200 cities in the country.

Since are cashing in on the booming food industry. Mr. Amit Kohli &  Mr. Rohit Chaddha who are raking in the moolah through their online delivery service Food Panda.

Since Mr. Singh is founder of Travel Khana. Who has worked on the innovative idea for train to order food of their choice online.

Since it also provides booking train tickets. So that it can be delivered at their seat during the journey.

So we also bring you a special report for those aspiring to start an Agribusiness venture and are how to go about it.

These are the best Innovative Start-Ups in India.

Thank you


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