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How To Use A/B Testing To Convert Your Mobile Users

There were 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store as of December 2016 compared to 1.8 million in 2015.

Such an increase signifies Google’s awareness to become more mobile-friendly. This is why the competition is so stiff, and it’s not just enough to be mobile-present.

To convert your mobile users and reach a good number of app downloads or mobile page visits, you have to learn how to engage new prospects, keep your regular customers satisfied, and make them return to the downloaded app for some advanced services.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Design Free Twitter Background With These free Tools

When ever we talk about online presence, Twitter is one site which is highly recommended. Being a micro blogging website and easier to reach to millions of people, Twitter is one effective social media tool. Now, getting back to branding part, we know how important design is and same is with the case of Twitter.

Xploree: Smart way to Market Your Brand on Android Devices

Uniqueness & creativity is what makes advertising an interesting industry to work in. With the help of technology, we are not only creating unique advertisement, but we are also innovating unique way to market or show advertisement about your product.

How To Submit an Android App To The Amazon App Store

Are you looking to increase the reach of your Android app? Looking for an alternate app store to submit it?

The majority of app developers publish their apps on the Google Play Store but disregard many alternative stores that are popular. The Amazon App Store is another popular app store for publishing your free or paid Android app!

In this guide, I will share the requirements (including image specifications for branding), for publishing your app to the Amazon App Store. I will be publishing my existing Android app (listed here) to the Amazon App Store.

The 10 Best Ways To Promote Your iPhone/iPad App or Game

App developers for iOS are increasing every year.

Apple iPhone and iPad apps continue to drive in more developers for the platform due to the profitability of the iPhone/iPad app market.

Currently, there are 4 times the number of iOS developers as there are Android developers.

In 2012, the Guardian estimated that the top 200 Android apps grossed a profit of just 12% of the top 200 iPhone apps’ profits. That is, the top Android apps earned a mere 12% of what the top iPhone apps made in the same year.




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