How to buy used cars?

Buying used cars is more complicated than buying a new car. There are concerns about what may be breaking or already been fixed. A used car or second-hand car is a vehicle that has previously had previously had one more retailers owners.

Another concern with buying a used car is the warranty. So over half of the used cars, today are being sold and buying an “as is” car is very risky and strict. Some dealerships offer warranties on their used cars.

Not all used cars are bad. Used cars can be the smartest way to go sometimes. Buying used car makes a lot of even if it isn’t as straight forward as buying new.

Used car bonus is that a used car won’t have any fees attached to the price like a new car. Peace of mind is hard to find while shopping for a pre-owned car and the chances of getting fleeced are high.

By the following simple steps for buying used cars, So you can less the risk of buying used car and that will fall apart and become a black hole for your money. The Federal trade commission recommends that consumer considers a car retailers reputation when deciding where to purchase a used car.

1.For buying cars choosing a used car…


How much could you afford?

  • Before you buying used car, you can decide budget to spend on buying used car.
  • How long you plan to keep it and your budget including insurance, operation, maintenance and repair costs.

      What car should you buy?

  • After deciding your price range or budget decides what car suits your lifestyle.
  • Today you should consider buying a mid sized car or hatchback
  • This type of cars is available at a low price or at great bargains.
  • Check best used car dealers.

2.Take a test drive of used car…


  • Take a test drive is the main process of buying a used car.
  • Test drives the used car on different types of roads. Make sure the engine starts right away, and there is no unusual noises or vibration.
  • In test drive test the “steering, checks the brakes, clutch pedal, accelerator”.
  • If the car is manual transmission then check the gearshift through various gears to see how it performs. So try a test drive the car many conditions.

3.Examine the condition of used car…


  • First of all check the exterior of that used car and then go for next step.
  • Open the hood and check the engine condition check the belts and hose sand also check the battery condition.
  • Pull out dipstick to see the oil level.
  • Check the car body parts accessories such as lights, seat belts, mirror, AC, heaters, and windows. Make sure they all work properly and safely.
  • Make sure door open and close easily and the door handles check. Check door locks.
  • Check the dimmer switch, headlights, and windshield washer.
  • You should check the meters.

    4.Check all the documents of used car….


    • Study all the documents of a used car.
    • study insurance paper valid or not valid.
    • check registration number of the used car.

    Used this all tips next time when you buying a used car and keep it up and share this information on it Facebook,twitter, and google+.

    Thank you



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