How to Track Your Fitness Using Fitness Trackar a New Technology Gadgets

How to use your fitness tracker to actually get fit…..

Due to changes in our life,we are not able to maintain and control our fitness so by using Fitness Track a new technology gadgets we can able to check our fitness time to time and if health is not good then you can able to maintain it by Fitness Tracking..


Now a days Life of every person is very relax and restful I.e every one used automated system like lift,four wheeler,two wheeler,seat in-front of computer in office full day due to this type of life style no one have time to do their daily exercise,they do not take care about diet I.e eat anything which is available like fast food, sank and become fatty.cure-heart-disease

In urban area middle class families are suffering with diseases like diabetes, blood pressure for this type of life style new technology gadgets are developed and invented. In USA various type of Fitness Tracking Gadgets are available in market.

You have to attach this fitness tracker to your body,which measure movement of your body and you can a able to store this information in your smartphone apps which gives you a chart of your health and fitness I.e how much and how long you walk daily,how much time you sleep,have you take proper sleep,how much calories you spent daily etc. these type of report you can able to get from smartphone app.

These Trackers now available in USA,you can buy these online from type of website.

In USA Following company provide Fitness Tracker:-

  •  Fuel Band By Nike
  • Zip and One By FitBit
  • Up By Jaw-BoneAnd
  • Fit By Body Mediafuelband_se_1

 Fuel Band By Nike:

A well known shoe manufacturing company “Nike” has design and develop “Fuel Band’ fitness tracker like a wrist watch for wrist attachment in which a “Accelerometer‘ is available to measure your body movement and spent calories,this Band is water proof with long term battery Life.

On this Band a screen and button is available which gives us time,calories report or daily walking report.

This Band is available in various color but you required “iPhone” because with this Band online iphone App is available,by press button of Band you can sync information on iPhone. you can able to set your daily fitness aim.

On this Band you can see, How much your aim is completed using Red,Green and Yellow lights similarly you can see your Progress daily and this Band is available for $130 to $150 in market.

Zip and One By Fit-Bit:-


Fit-Bit “ZIP” and Fit-Bit “ONE” are two type of fitness tracker introduce in market By Fit-Bit company.

Fit-Bit “ZIP” is look like a small Kitchen and Fit-Bit “ONE” is look like a USB Stick This both tracker is work same like a “Fuel Band“,Fit-Bit “ONE” also check how many staircase you walk daily.This fitness tracker I.e Fit-Bit “ZIP” and Fit-Bit “ONE”, you must drop in your Pant pocket every time for tracking fitness.

This app is a best app for fitness tracking with lots of feature inbuilt like sleep efficiency report,sound proof alarm long battery back with blue tooth connectivity,computer sync facility.

Fit-Bit also introduce one more tracker call as “Aria ” which wireless weighting system to check your body mass index and body fat,you upload this measure in your computer or iphone due to which you can able to control on your weight.

 Up By Jaw-Bone:-


Jaw-Bone has introduce bangle like band in market,you have to wear this band on your left hand wrist,like other tracker this band also measure yourmovement,calories,sleeping,and this also have iphone app, this band is available small,medium and large size with different colors.

You can not used or sync this band with computer and android phone,this only sync with iphone and ipad without wireless sync,your required head set jack.

 Fit By Body Media:-


Body Media Fit.this fitness track is used for attaching on your arm with a sensor which looks like a watch but not used on wrist like Fuel band.

This fitness tracker measure you daily walking,temperature,muscle movement,skin temperature and as per this company website calories measurement only 10 % inaccurate. Body Media has introduce iphone and android app but to use this app you have to pay $7 monthly and 1st three months are free and also this tracker is available in three model I.e Advantage,Link and Core with $115 to $150 range of cost.

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